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We will introduce Japanese products that we recommend with confidence along with cooking images.

Frozen Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) Cut

komatsuna Frozen Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) Cut

■Fresh and tasty Japanese komatsuna from Miyazaki!

This Japanese komatsuna is cultured with nutrient-rich soils in Miyazaki prefecture, Kyushu area. Those of this product is cut into the convenient size for cook and quick-frozen just after cropping in the best season. Please enjoy the fresh and rich taste in various dishes.

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Frozen Spinach Cut

Spinach Spinach

■Fresh and tasty Japanese spinach from Miyazaki!

Frozen spinach, which is cultured carefully during the best season in Miyazaki prefecutre, Japan. So its leaf is thick and crispy. Please enjoy the rich texture and delicious taste.

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Frozen Kale Cut

Frozen Kale Cut Frozen Kale Cut

■Nutrient-rich Japanese kale for various dishes!

Quick-frozen Japanese kale, which is one of the nutrient-rich vegetables. In Japan, the kale has been popular as good vegetable for health for a long time. Please enjoy its traditional healthy vegetables in various dishes.

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Frozen Green Soy Bean Boiled with Salt

edamame edmame Boiled with Salt

■Please enjoy the tasty Japanese soy beans with thawing at room temperature!

Frozen Japanese green soy bean boiled with salt. Please enjoy its inherent rich taste and smell. It is one the most popular dishes in Japanese style restaurants. Also it is with skin and has already been flavored with salt, so it is especially useful.

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Frozen and Sliced Sweet Potato (Beni azuma)

Sliced Sweet Potato Sliced Sweet Potato

■Tasty Japanese sweet potato is cut into useful shape!

Quick-frozen Japanese sweet potatoes, which are treated after increasing its sweetness through curing processes. Please enjoy the soft, crambly, and strong sweet taste peculier to Japanese "Beni-azuma".

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Frozen Grated Daikon (Radish)

Grated Daikon salad

■Useful grated Japanese daikon for various health dishes! 

Quick-frozen "Daikon Oroshi",whish is grated daikon made of Japanese daikons. This product's textures are very finely.

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Boiled Nameko Mushroom

Boiled Nameko Japanese Soba

■Please enjoy the Japanese nameko's original taste and flavor!

Japanese boiled nameko has the original bright color like fresh ones. Please enjoy the rich taste and smell as well as that of fresh Japanese ones.

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Frozen Nameko Mushroom

Frozen Nameko Mushroom Frozen Nameko Mushroom Package

■Frozen Japanese nameko with fresh taste and texture!

Quick-frozen Japanese nameko mushroom. It has not only the original rich taste but also the fine texture like fresh Japanese ones.

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Frozen Shimeji Mushroom

shimeji mushrooms shimeji mushrooms Package

■Fragrant and tasty Japanese shimeji mushroom!

Quick-frozen Japanese shimeji mushrooms. Please enjoy the unique smell and taste.

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Frozen Eryngi Mushroom Cut

Eryngi Mushroom Eryngi Mushroom Cut Package

■Quick-frozen Japanese elingi mushroom cut into a long shape. Japanese eringi has superior taste and texture.

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Frozen and Loosen Enoki Mushroom

Enoki Mushroom Enoki Mushroom Package

Quick-frozen enoki mushroom which cut to the 3cm length size.

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Frozen Grilled Sweet Potato Paste

Green Bean 焼き芋ペースト Package

■Useful and tasty paste of Japanese sweet potatoes!

Grilled Japanese sweet potatoes are used in these products. So it is able to enjoy the fragrant smell of Japanese "Yaki-imo". We deal with various line-ups by potato breed, such as Anno-imo, Taka-kei 14, and purple taro.

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Frozen Akamoku

Akamoku Akamoku Package

■"Akamoku", a brand superfood-seaweed!

Japanese new seaweed, "Akamoku". This seaweed has been known as "Superfood" among Japan, European countries, and the U.S. because its nutritional values are higher than the other seaweeds which cause emmunity enhancing, anti-allergy, and fat conbustion effects, and so on. Akamoku has crispy texture, strong stickness, and fresh taste. Also its flavor is mild, so that it is suitable for various dishes all around the world.

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