Frozen Vegetable

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Vegetable

Since the beginning of the era when frozen foods was becoming popular in Japan, we have been developing various frozen foods with the advantage of our close connection with production area in China based on our long lasting history with China to procure and process frozen foods. Nowadays, we handle more than 200 kinds of frozen foods in Japanese domestic market as one of top leading frozen foods suppliers for professional users. Moreover, we are working even harder to penetrate into the market closer to the consumers.
We are going to respond to the demand of customers even in Thailand as much as possible.

Five Advantages on Frozen Vegetables

To make frozen vegetables, vegetables are heat-treated, called blanching process, after being cut and sorted, to avoid deterioration of vegetables' color and taste. Then, rapid freezing is done to the vegetables to avoid destruction of cellular tissue and keep nourishment that fresh vegetables have.

01. Yield rate can be kept high when cooked

Frozen vegetables consist of 100% edible portion, and it means there is no portion to be disposed. Therefore, yield rate is very high compared with fresh vegetables and total cost can be reduced.

02. The volume that you need for cooking can be taken and used

One of the advantages of frozen foods is that the volume that you need can be taken and used whenever you need, and the leftovers can be kept in freezers. This means that frozen foods are very economical.

03. No Infuluence By Season

Frozen vegetables can be used in relatively stable condition throughout the year.

04. Frozen foods with same quality can be used repeatedly

Even though you have plural cooking locations, you may use frozen foods with same quality. This leads to contribution to uniformity of the foods served at chain restaurants.

05. Stable Cost Control

The prices of frozen vegetables are considered relatively more stable than those of fresh vegetables, and so cost calculation and control can be done easily.

Line-up of frozen vegetables

SHINYEI (THAILAND) CO., LTD. handles the following frozen vegetables.

Fruit Vegetables

Fruit Vegetables

The category of frozen Fruit Vegetables, such as Okra, Pumpkin and green peppers etc., can be cooked easily...

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Flower Vegetables

Flower Vegetable

The category of frozen flower vegetables, such as cauliflower, rape blossom and broccoli etc., can be cooked easily...

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The category of frozen mushrooms, such as shiitake, mushroom and hiratake (oyster mushroom) etc., as healthy foods, can be used, for instance,...

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Stalk Vegetables

Stalk Vegetable

The category of frozen stalk vegetables, such as green asparagus, taro, peeled garlic clove and lotus root etc., can be cooked easily...

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The category of frozen grains, such as kernel corn, is in granular style that is easy to cook and eat. These are rapidly frozen to keep freshness...

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Root Crops

Root Crop

The category of frozen root crops, such as burdock, daikon (radish) and carrot etc., can be cooked easily...

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The fruits are quickly frozen to keep freshness and can be used in variety of the foods with the features of sweetness and adequate acid taste...

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Leaf Vegetables

Leaf Vegetable

The category of frozen leaf vegetables, such as komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach), welsh onion and spinach etc., can be cooked easily...

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The category of frozen pulse vegetables, such as green bean, green soybean, sugar snap peas and broad bean etc., can be cooked easily...

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Mixed Vegetables

Mixed Vegetable

The category of frozen mix vegetables can be cooked easily. These are rapidly quickly to keep freshness right after being cut into easy-to-eat sizes.

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